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Improve Your Manga Character Drawing

Observe from Many Angles


hand drawing, from a photo by D. Di Biase

Try drawing unexpected angles and poses

Di Biase / South, licensed to About.com, Inc.
We often view Manga characters in one or two poses, most often a fairly basic, forward-facing pose. So when we need to draw the character from a different angle, they end up looking like someone else! Avoid this by using a real person as a reference, so you can see how their features change as their head turns. Sketch your character from many different angles.
  • Collect a scrapbook of pictures for reference.
  • Study other artists' linework and color palette.
  • Do a sketchbook page of the face from every angle.
  • Do a page of eyes, showing all kinds of expressions.
  • Draw hands in different poses and holding objects.
  • Write notes about how they move and look. What is special about this character that makes them look different from others?
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