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Anime and Manga - Learn to Draw Japanese Comics and Animation

These Anime and Manga tutorials will help you learn how to draw your favourite characters as well as develop your own unique style of Anime or Manga drawing, including beginner step-by-step tutorials and related resources on Japanese comic books and animation.
  1. Digital Manga Lessons (4)
  2. Draw Dragonball Z (4)
  3. Draw Manga and Anime Girls (3)
  4. Kid Anime Draw and Color (4)
  5. Learn to Draw Anime Faces (4)

Create a Unique Manga Character
Your Manga character shouldn't be just a reflection of someone else's creation. Here's some tips on creating a truly unique character for your Manga story.

Draw Manga Heads - Learn to Draw a Manga Character Head
Learn how to draw a Manga face using classic Manga proportions and details for proper Manga style.

Draw Manga Heads - Draw a Three Quarter View Manga Head
Learn to draw Manga style head in three-quarter view with this fun and easy Manga character drawing tutorial by Preston Stone.

How to Draw Manga Hands and Feet for Beginners
Draw Manga hands and feet using a simple wireframe method.

How to Draw Manga Characters
How to draw manga characters using a simple wireframe method.

Improve Your Manga Character Drawing
Manga drawing tip - learn to draw manga action poses by using reference sources to make your drawings accurate

Manga Valentine - Draw a Manga Valentine's Day Card
Draw your own Manga Valentine's Day card by following this step by step tutorial with drawings by Shinaebi.

Christmas Manga - Make a Manga Christmas Card
Make your own Manga Christmas card - Draw, trace, color-in or print this original Manga Christmas card design created for Drawing/Sketching readers by Shinaebi

Anime and Manga Drawing Tip - Learn about Japanese Art and Culture
Anime and Manga drawing tip - its a quick tip because its quick to explain, but don't expect a shortcut. If you are serious about improving your Anime and Manga drawings, check out this drawing tip.

Manga Drawing Tip - Keeping it Clean
Manga drawing tip find out how to lose the smudges and dirty colors in your Manga drawing and get a cleaner look.

Manga - Anime Drawing Tip - Characters
Improve your Manga and Anime drawing with this tip on getting to know your characters.

Draw a Chibi Character - Polycarbon Anime
A step-by-step one-page tutorial from Polycarbon, this Chibi lesson takes you through a cute Chibi drawing from start to finish, with some handy tips.

Fighting - Anime / Manga Drawing Tutorial
Get some tips on adding 'punch' to your fight scenes with these pages from the Polycarbon collection of Anime lessons.

Drawing Mecha - Polycarbon Anime Tutorials
This step-by-step Polycarbon tutorial on drawing Mecha takes you through the development of a classic Mecha pose, but requires a bit of previous drawing experience to get the best results. Includes big printable version (click 'Big Mecha' link).

Draw a Manga Cyborg Woman
Cyborgs are fun to draw with a combination of fantasy robotics and human character. Here's a cool cyborg cop to draw.

Draw a Manga Ninja
Create a unique Manga Ninja character following this step by step tutorial by Preston Stone

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