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Drawing Fire and Flames


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Drawing a Candle in Colored Pencil Step Three
Drawing Fire and Flames
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It looks like a big jump to the final image, but it is really just a matter of continuing to observe your source photo and layer the colors. Continue shading the colored pencil onto the background to get it really dark. Shade the black in towards and over the 'halo', pressing more lightly nearer the flame, and adding a little more red in alternating layers near the flame, until you get a smoothly blended effect.

Draw the black wick, with the burning red end and reserving the white tip against the orange flame. The hot candle wax is shiny, so highlights will be crisp-edged and bright - use a very sharp white or light yellow pencil for these.

I've used layers of brown and black pencil to darken the lower part of the candle, with red and orange layers creating the translucent glow in the top section of the candle. Most areas of this drawing are almost 'burnished', with heavily layered colored pencil giving an intense amount of colour. However, the Derwent Artist pencils that I used are rather hard and chalky, so the background isn't as dark as I would like. A good dense black makes the contrast of the white flame much more effective.

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