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Techniques and Mediums

Techniques change depending on the medium we are using. Find out more about the medium that interests you, and learn how to get the best out of your drawing medium of choice.
  1. Charcoal and Conte Drawing (12)
  2. Colored Pencil (19)
  3. Draw Textures and Patterns (7)
  4. Drawing With Computers (16)
  5. Old Master Drawing (41)
  6. Pastel Drawing and Painting (10)
  7. Printing and Printmaking (19)

Going Abstract - How to Create Abstract Art
Having trouble with abstraction? Here are some ways to approach abstract art. If you are used to realist art, taking a step into abstract painting and drawing can be daunting but refreshing. Find out how.

Better Graphite Pencil Technique
When you learn to draw, we spend a more time learning to look at the object than learning to draw it on the page. But those marks on paper are your means of communicating with your viewer. Are you getting the most out of your pencil?

How To Use an Eraser Shield
An eraser shield is an essential part of a drafter's kit and belongs in the toolbox of any artist who uses precise lines and clean edges. Susan Tschantz demonstrates the use of this versatile tool.

Drawing and Drafting Tools: Brushes
How do you keep your drawing clean and free from smudges and annoying bits of eraser waste? With a brush!

Buy Graphite Pencils
Which graphite pencil should you buy? With many options available to the artist, it can be quite confusing to know which ones to get. A selection of basic artist's quality wood-cased pencils is always a good starting point, but different pencils can be useful for different purposes. Read this guide to buying graphite pencils before you start.

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