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Drawing Lessons
Learn to draw with these drawing and sketching lessons, beginning with very simple techniques and exercises. Includes short tutorials and demonstrations for novice to intermediate artists.

Draw a Picture Step-By-Step
If you need to draw a picture but haven't the time for drawing lessons, these step-by-steps will guide you through line by line. Create a portrait, draw a horse, other animals or favourite characters.

Tips, Ideas and Techniques
Break out of a rut or extend your skills with this collection of drawing tips, advanced techniques, composition ideas and inspiration.

Kids Drawing - Teaching Children to Draw
Drawing comes naturally to kids, and their drawings have a magic all their own. There also comes a stage when kids want to learn to draw realistically, which they can do with great success. Here are some articles and websites for young artists.

Graphite Pencil Drawing
Drawing with pencil - the common 'gray lead' graphite pencil - is how most artists get started, and pencil continues to be a favourite medium for many artists. Here you'll find pencil drawing lessons, galleries and product information.

Colored Pencil Drawing
Resources for afficionados of color pencil drawing, including tutorials and galleries of artwork in the medium.

Drawing With Charcoal
Tutorials, artists and galleries focussing on charcoal. This versatile medium isn't just for life drawing!

Pen and Ink Drawing
Pen and Ink resources. Includes drawing exercises and artist's pages featuring pen-and-ink drawing, including stippling (pointillist) technique.

Pastel Drawing and Painting
A dry medium, pastel is favoured by many for ease of use and brilliance of color. These resources include methods, associations and galleries relevant to the pastel artist.

Printmaking is perhaps more closely linked with drawing than any other medium. This is particularly true of lithography and etching, which can faithfully reproduce a drawn line from the artist' own hand. Here are some resources, including workshops and galleries.

Old Master Drawings
Image collections and essays on great master drawings, including the famous 'old masters' such as Leonardo da Vinci, and some lesser-known exponents of drawing media.

Classical Realism - Drawing on Tradition
Disenchantment with the art of one's contemporaries has motivated periods of renewed interest in classical art since the PreRaphaelites. 'Contemporary Realists' now look back to traditional methods and materials as an alternative to mainstream contemporary art practice.

Contemporary Art
Contemporary drawing may often include the traditional graphite or charcoal on paper, but regularly spills over into related disciplines, using print, mixed media, and unothodox material. Here are artists and galleries that feature contemporary Fine Art drawing.

Human Figure and Portrait Drawing
Learn to draw the human figure or capture a likeness in a portrait. Here are drawing lessons on the human face, life drawing and figure proportions, references and galleries of nude figure drawing.

Drawing Landscape, Nature and Wildlife
The beauty and grandeur of nature offers an endless source of subject matter, from enthralling detail to grand vistas. You can begin in your own backyard, drawing from plants - or take to the hills to compile your own reference photos.

Drawing Horses and Western Themes
From cave paintings to photography, the horse has been an unequalled source of inspiration to artists. With the development of western horsemanship came a culture of its own.This is a collection of resources for artists interested in equine and western themed drawing. Horses, steers, and spurs in galleries and tutorials.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Drawing
Science Fiction and Fantasy artists have a unique approach to drawing displayed here in galleries of their work, and tutorials to help you draw your favourite themes. Find out the methods used by professional illustrators.

Drawing Cartoons, Comics and Animation
This is a selection of articles and sites of interest for comic, cartoon and animation artists. Learn how to draw your favourite characters or design your own. View examples from top published artists and keen amateurs.

Anime and Manga Art
Learn how to draw your favourite Anime and Manga styles and characters. Includes step-by-step tutorials, reference sources and resources for the anime/manga fan.

Resource Center - Professional Practice
Health and Safety, tax law, art sale, the artist-dealer-client relationship, and money management, and other issues associated with art as a business. Tips on good business practice to help you spend more time in the studio and less in the office.

Anatomy for Artists
Anatomy for Artists - anatomy classes and reference material for artists, including animal anatomy and human anatomy.

Keeping a Sketchbook or Journal
The sketchbook is always a favourite companion on artist's travels, whether it's round the corner or around the world. Here you will find tips on what to take, what to draw, and where to go. Also see what other artists have brought back from their travels.

Mechanical Aids to Drawing
Traditional and contemporary aids to accurate drawing, what they are and how to use them, including the pinhole camera and Camera Lucida.

Perspective Drawing - Linear Perspective
Linear Perspective is a useful tool for representing three-dimensional space, though not without its limitations. Find out how to construct simple one and two point perspective drawings or delve into more complex aspects of the geometry of perspective drawing.

Drawing Supplies and Drawing Books
Drawing supplies, art materials, books and magazines. Find out what art materials to buy and where to buy them, and read book, video, and art magazine reviews with links to manufacturer and publisher websites.

The fine art of calligraphy is closer in some ways to drawing than to writing, as the calligrapher draws each letterform with care. Here are your guide's pick of calligraphy links from around the web, including alphabets and illumination.

Art Therapy - Creative Healing
Resources on Art Therapy methods, associations and careers. Find out about the history of art as healing, workshops for individuals and courses for therapists.

Fan Art Drawings
We love to draw our favourite characters from Tv, films and books - here is a collection of fan art including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and others, mostly drawn by devoted amateurs.

Flower Drawing - How to Draw Flowers
Learn to draw flowers with these tutorials, covering step-by-step flower drawing, tips and techniques for drawing flowers in various mediums.

Illustration - Illustrator Resources
Resources for artists drawing book illustrations and game art. Tips on techniques, marketing and business issues for illustrators.

Maritime Art - Drawing Seafaring Themes
A collection of links on drawing naritime themes - drawing navy ships, marine battles, boats and lighthouses.

Technical Drawing - Engineering Drawing
A collection of useful web resources on technical drawing and illustration, technical drawing lessons and reference material.

Celtic Art and Illumination
Celtic art and design features traditional interwoven patterns and celtic figures. Find celtic illumination, calligraphy, art and celtic-inspired fantasy designs.

Figure Drawing
Figure Drawing has always been the foundation of any artist's training. View student and professional work, take some online lessons or find a workshop.

Old Master Drawings - Leonardo Da Vinci
Image collections and essays on the drawings of the quintessential Old Master, Leonardo da Vinci, including his anatomical drawings, portrait studies and scientific works.

Human Anatomy for Artists
A collection of resources on human anatomy for the artist, including the skeleton and musculature, with reference drawings and photographs.

Animal Anatomy
A list of animal anatomy resources covering all kinds of animals, including horses, dogs, cats, and birds.

Drawings of Raphael Sanzi
Raphael, born in Urbino in 1483, was without question one of the greatest draughstmen of his age. Here you'll find online collections of his drawings as well as museum catalogues and articles.

Life Drawing Workshops and Classes
Life Drawing workshop and class listings - find a figure drawing studio in your area. Some workshops offer guided tuition, others are simply artists meeting to work from the model.

Drawing Composition
Drawing Composition - formal elements of picture composition and design principles for drawing, ideas for composing drawings, including thumbnail sketches, and composition principles and methods such as the golden mean (golden section) and rule of thirds.

Inspiration - Drawing Ideas
Be inspired to draw by this collection of drawing ideas, creativity boosters and quotes. Find sketchbook ideas, projects, and motivational drawing suggestions for artists.

Children's Drawing Pages
Drawing lessons for children, with coloring pages, step-by-step lessons and printables for kids of all ages.

Learn to Draw with Graphite Pencil
Pencil drawing tutorials and tips - a collection of lessons to help you learn graphite (lead) pencil sketching and shading techniques.

Drawing with the Sight-Size Method
Sight-size or right-size drawing is a traditional method of observing the subject, still taught in classical ateliers. Mainly used for portraiture but applicable to other subjects, sight-sizing will help you attain great accuracy when drawing from life.

Classical Ateliers
Ateliers are art schools which follow the traditional studio model, focussing on realist drawing and painting skills. Courses may include drawing from plaster casts, sight-sizing, and skills-based training in oil painting and fresco.

Art School - Colleges and Courses
Advice on choosing a course of study, and art school directories including public colleges and universities as well as privately-run art schools and courses.

Travel Sketches
See how other artists record their travels and find out how to keep a travel sketchbook of your own.

Beginners Drawing Lessons
This is a selection of beginner drawing lessons, including simple still life, drawing structure and tips on getting started with drawing.

Portrait Drawing - Children and Adults
Learn to draw portraits, improve your portrait drawing skills and find resources for portrait artists, including drawing techniques and galleries.

Drawing Animals Step by Step
Drawing Animals Step by Step - easy line by line demonstrations of animal drawings that you can follow, as well as more advanced examples that include shading.

Drawing Horses Step-by-Step
A collection of step-by-step horse drawing tutorials, ranging in difficulty from easy beginner's line-by-line examples through to challenging advanced lessons.

Drawing and Sketching Media
Drawing and sketching media - art materials information and advice, plus contact information for drawing supplies manufacturers.

Drawing Paper - Art Papers for Drawing
Get information on drawing papers, find out how paper is made, how to choose the right drawing paper, and find links to art paper manufacturers.

Publications - Various Media
Find art books, magazines and cd-rom publications and publishers relevant to drawing and sketching.

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