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Developing the Rose Drawing - Drawing / Sketching - About.com
Now continue adding petals to the rose. Keep the line clean and simple. You're really just looking for definite edges, and paying attention to the way the petals ...
Draw a Rose in Pen - Draw a Rose With Fiber-Tip Pen
Draw a rose in fiber-tip pen - create a simple, elegant line drawing of a rose using fiber tip pen, pen and ink or your favorite graphics program.
Drawing the Rose from the Inside Out
Start drawing the rose from the Inside Out. When you're drawing in ink, so can't make corrections, it's a good idea to do a rough sketch in pencil first, to 'place' ...
The Finished Rose Pen Drawing - Drawing / Sketching - About.com
Outline the leaves, add veins and a little hatching, and you're done. Note that this is a very linear style of drawing - it's very crisp and hard, and not naturalistic at ...
Rose Outline - Draw the Outline of the Rose - Drawing / Sketching
Begin drawing the rose by outlining the petals, working from the center of the bloom outwards. Drawing the rose freehand gives you more relaxed and energetic ...
Sketch a Rose with Your Drawing Tablet - Drawing / Sketching
Sketch a rose using digital ink - use your drawing tablet to sketch an elegant rose , step by step.
Draw a Rose in Colored Pencil - Drawing / Sketching - About.com
This tutorial will show you how to draw a rose in colored pencil. I'm going to draw this rose using the standard set of 24 Prismacolor Premier colored pencils, with ...
The Finished Rose Sketch - Drawing / Sketching - About.com
To once your sketch is finished, you'll need to save it. I always do two saves: first as the native file format, complete with all the layers, and then as a png or jpeg ...
Blind Contour Drawing Example - Rose - Drawing / Sketching
An example of a blind contour drawing using a rose as a subject.
How to Draw and Sketch Flowers - Drawing / Sketching - About.com
Learn to draw flowers of all kinds, from simple daisies to complex roses, using a range of techniques. Try crisp line drawing and expressive, expressionist ...
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