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Horse Show Jumping - Outline Drawing
The completed outline drawing of the horse show jumping. Here the earlier drawing has been traced onto tracing paper using a light table or the window, and ...
Introduction to Contour Drawing - Sketching and Illustration
Contour drawing is basically outline drawing, and is the way most beginners start learning to draw and sketch. Learn more about contour drawing and how to ...
Pure Contour Outline - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Pure contour drawing - outline drawing. Pure contour line drawing is the simplest form of linear expression. The line describes visible edges of an object from a ...
Horse Drawing Outline - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
The next stage of the horse drawing is to join the shapes together and to create a rough outline. I have erased some of the basic shapes I started with and you ...
Character Outline - Drawing the Manga Character Outline
Next draw the outline - curvy, quite continuous lines that defines the character. The gradual curve of these lines is very important. Sharp corners on a figure tend  ...
Draw a Cat - The Pencil Outline - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
WE begin with a detailed sketch of the using a photo reference, developing guidelines to shape the development of the drawing.
Blind Contour Drawing Lesson - Drawing/Sketching
Blind Contour drawing is a favourite with drawing teachers to develop hand-eye communication. Contour drawing is essentially outline drawing, and blind ...
Drawing the Contour or Outline - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Getting started with your drawing - beginning with an outline.... start near the top of the fruit, and draw the outline, following with your eyes slowly along the ...
Heart Outline Drawing - Drawing/Sketching - About.com
Once you've lightly sketched your construction lines (try using a kneadable eraser in a dabbing motion to gently lift off any excess graphite, so it's only just dark ...
Draw T-Rex - Complete the T-Rex Outline Drawing
The finishing touches to the T-Rex are all about furthering the appearance of his texture. I widened the lines where shadow needed to be shown, and added little  ...
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