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Perspective Tips

Drawing Ellipses in Perspective:
Use one of those ellipse guide templates! The are available from stationary and art stores. The ellipses on the template are circles in varying degrees of perspective. Just line up the little marks with your orthogonals (vanishing lines) and hey presto! A circle in perspective.

Constructing a Roof in 2-Point Perspective:
draw a roof in perspective
First, draw a box in 2-point perspective for the building.
1. Draw two diagonals joining opposite corners at each end of the building.
2. Draw a vertical from the intersection of the diagonals to the desired height of the roof.
3. Draw the slope of the roof from the top to the front corners.
4. Draw the orthogonal (vanishing line) from the top of the roof to the vanishing point in the direction of the rear of the building.
5. Draw a vertical from intersection of the diagonals drawn on the rear of the building to the orthogonal at the top of the roof.
6. Draw the slope of the roof from the back corner of the building to the intersection of the orthogonal and the central vertical you just drew.

Natural Perspective:
To look realistic, vanishing points need to be quite far apart. If you can't fit them on your page, try using thumbtacks and a string 'ruler' on a large table or wall. Kids, ask mom first!

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