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Art Gallery - Pencil Portrait
Reluctant Hug © ProfessorDad 2004

portrait sketch

Medium: graphite pencil

Artist's Statement: 'I started drawing in November 2003. I enjoy the feeling of being totally absorbed in creating a new drawing. This drawing is of my wife and our 16 year old daughter. My daughter has Down syndrome and is very honest in expressing the way she feels. The thing I like about this drawing is that I felt that it captures the feeling of the moment - my daughter is sort of happy to get a hug, but independent enough to add in a little grimace.'
Guide Comment: I think you've handled the figures really well - its certainly a lovely, expressive piece. I've got a few reservations about the dark sunglasses - they are always really difficult to draw successfully. The darks are a little 'contrasty', making the shadow areas and glasses really stand out (this might be due to the scan) - I'd like to see a more gradual range of tone, with attention to mid-to-dark values to strengthen the modeling. This shouldn't be at the expense of feeling however, which I think is very aparrent in your drawing, through the sense of warmth and affection which you have conveyed.

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