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Art Gallery - Landscape and Seascape
Lighthouse Sunset in the Winter © K Huber 2004

lighthouse seascape landscape drawing

Medium: Graphite Pencil 9x12 Inches

Artist's Statement: 'Im only 15 years old, and I just started drawing for real. I love this picture because I drew it from a photograph my grandma took. Tell me what you think.'
Guide Comment: This is an excellent beginner drawing - I particularly like the way the rocks are drawn. You've also used the eraser (for the sun's rays and some cloud and water areas) as a drawing tool - not just for erasing mistakes. I like the way the white of the paper has been used too - you are clearly starting to think about areas of value. You need to think this way with the buildings too, and avoid the temptation to outline, which makes them look a bit flat. Sometimes, if there isn't much detail in the photo, you need to use 'artistic license' to improve the shading. It looks like you've used a hard pencil - try using a softer pencil - 4B - for very dark shaded areas.

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