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Art Gallery - Still Life Flowers
Sunflowers © Alberoni 2004

Medium: Charcoal 23" x 18"

Artist's Statement: 'I like to draw since I was 8 years old but never had the oppotunity to become a full time artist but I hope some day ... to dedicate most of my time to the wonderful world of art.'
Guide Comment: This is a charming study of flowers, which shows how intense colored pencil can be when properly used. Yellow is a particularly difficult color to use - try using ajacent colors (lemon and golden yellow as well as orange and even lime green) to create variation in the yellow, to stimulate the eye. Try hints of color in the shadows to keep them 'alive', and do the edges of yellow areas first, so they don't pick up pigment from ajacent dark colors.

All works displayed in this gallery are protected by international copyright law.

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