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Using Watercolor Pencil
Basic Watercolor Pencil Application

Sketching With Watercolor Pencil
When using watercolor pencils with water, use watercolor paper, as regular drawing paper will buckle when dampened. The most common approach to watercolor pencil is to loosely color an area, then brush water over it to create a wash effect. When applying color in this manner, remember that the wash will look a few shades lighter than the pencils you are using, once diluted by the wash.

sketching with watercolor pencil

Achieving Dense Color
Watercolor can be densely layered like regular colored pencil. Water can be applied to heavily applied color, though it can be tricky to control. Experiment with applying just a little water at time, to minimise dilution of the pigment. Applying more water can give a painterly effect, though it is difficult to control. painting with watercolor pencil

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