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How to Draw a Fire-Breathing Dragon
How to Draw a Fire-Breathing Dragon

Step 1 - The Main Shape
First draw a big, right-angled triangle as shown. Then, add the small triangle at the bottom, a little pointy one for the ear, and then a smaller, bumpy triangle near the end of the nose.

Step 2 - The Curly Bits
There's a lot added, but it isn't hard if you take it one step at a time. Draw the big curve for the top of the neck from the little triangle at the top. Add the loopy curve for the bottom of the neck. Add the bump over the eye, then continue that line over the little bumpy triangle for the nose, then do a the beak-looking mouth as shown.

Draw the eye, and the line that runs down the face to the nostril.

Step 3 - Adding Details
Add some triangles along the side of the big triangle for the spiny scales of the head. Add a couple of short curvy lines near the mouth for the lips. Add some sharp teeth and a nostril. Draw some wavy lines from the back of the mouth for the flames.

Step 4 - Shading
Here's my finished dragon with some shading added. The bright flame lights up his face and chest. The back of the neck is in a shadow cast by his head. Doing a dark background gives some contrast to the bright flame.

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