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Not sure what to draw? Stuck for ideas? Whether you need something to get your class working or to tackle your own frustratingly blank page, here are some ideas to get you started, from simple ideas to developed projects. In a hurry? Check out this short list of drawing ideas. Struggling with ideas you can't quite put a finger on? Find out how to use a vision board for inspiration.

Still Life Drawing Ideas

Still life drawing offers many possibilities for the artist. In most types of still life you can control content, composition and lighting to a great extent, which makes it an excellent genre in which to explore personal style and technique. Here are six creative still life drawing ideas to get you started. Simple objects can be great subjects, and looking at them in different ways can allow you to explore composition and meaning. Check out this article on Compositions With A Teapot to discover ways to make one simple subject express many different ideas using composition.

Landscape Drawing Ideas

Landscape drawing can encompass everything from a leaf study in your back yard, to a grand mountain vista. And just as its visual reach is diverse, so is its meaning - landscape can be simply an exercise in color, or an homage to nature, or a comment on the human condition. Because of its scale, landscape doesn't theoretically offer you the degree of control that still life does; it tells a different story in terms of your relationship to its elements. You can, however, control selection of subject, time of day, and impose your artistic vision upon it. Take a look at these landscape drawing ideas for some ways to approach landscape. Can't get out to find a view? Try one of these landscape reference photos for inspiration.
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