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Free Holiday Clipart from Drawing-Sketching

Clipart and Printables for Christmas


Here are some original designs for you to draw, copy or print. Use them as Christmas clipart for your personal art and craft. This free Christmas clipart may be reproduced for classroom use, but not used for other clipart collections, websites or any for-profit purpose.

Print out a black-and-white version to color in or trace onto your own card stock. To transfer a design to thick card, color the back of the design with soft graphite (graylead) pencil, then place over the card and trace over the design, pressing firmly.

Cute Deer - Small
Cute Deer - Large Color
Rudolph - Small
Rudolph - Medium Color
Rudolph - Large Color
Rudolph - Large Black-and-White
Rudolph - Large Printable
Christmas Tree - Small
Christmas Tree - Large Printable
Christmas Bauble Decoration - Color

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