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Doodle Analysis and Interpretation

The Meaning of Absent-Minded Scribbles


Do you doodle? Many people love to scribble away absent-mindedly, and often these doodles can carry a great deal of meaning, and for the artist, can sometimes be the source of inspiration for serious artworks. This article looks at why people doodle and what doodles might mean. First, a caution: it's important though to remember that a doodle is not a personality test - it's just a doodle; assessments used by psychologists are scientifically and professionally developed and tested. Thinking about doodle meaning can help you reflect on your own feelings and develop creative ideas, but that is all. If you are worried your or a friend's behavior or wellbeing, please seek professional advice.

Decipher Your Doodles - Meaning and Symbolism

Colors - do the colors in a doodle mean anything?
Placement and Composition - arrangement on the page matters
Lines, Marks, Weight and Style - the influence of gesture
People and Faces - does that smiley face mean what you think it does?
Flowers and Florals - what do flower shapes say about the doodler?
Geometric Shapes - what do squares, circles and diamonds represent?
Random Abstract Shapes - is a random pattern the sign of a random mind?
Houses and Windows - what do doodles of homes and gardens indicate?
Three-D Boxes - what does it mean if you turn your squares into boxes?
Ladders - the ladder is a classic symbol in literature and art
Arrows - lethal weapon or helpful direction?
Walls - another symbol with a myriad of cultural references
Stars, Hearts and Others - evergreen symbols through tradition and popular culture
Doodle Questions and Answers - Why do we doodle? When? Can doodles really be interpreted like handwriting or dreams?

Disclaimer: This information is offered for your amusement only, and is not to be used for psychological assessment in any form. Please, see your health professional if you have any questions or concerns about mental health. Personality testing of any form requires extensive training and should be carried out by experts.

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