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Copyright for Artists


You need to know about copyright, to ensure that you do not breach copyright laws, and to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a copyright breach. These issues are of significant legal importance, as corporations and individuals are regularly in the courts for breaches of copyright, and hefty fines can be imposed. You also have the moral imperative to respect the rights of other artists, and to have your rights treated with the same consideration.

Page 2: Common Copyright Myths
'he should be honoured I copied his photo...', 'I changed it a bit...' or 'it's only one copy...' or 'isn't it fair use?' ...don't rely on urban folk tales and half-remembered anecdotes. Here are some common ones that can get you into trouble.

Page 3: Keep Your Artwork Legal
Here are some easy strategies to avoid copyright infringement in your own artwork. Save yourself the hassle and worry in the first place.

Page 4: Protecting Your Work
As soon as your artwork leaves your hands, or if you display work via the internet, you risk others using your images inappropriately, and possibly even making profit from them that is rightfully yours. Find out how to protect your drawings.

Copyright has become a major issue for visual artists; remember that it is your responsibility to know your rights and obligations; then you can enjoy making and selling your art with a clear conscience and peace of mind.

DISCLAIMER:I am not a lawyer or copyright expert. This article is for general information only and is not intended to be any form of legal advice. To answer specific legal questions, consult your legal professional.

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