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Draw 3D by Doug DuBosque - Step-by-Step Perspective

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Draw 3D - AStep-By-Step Perspective

Draw 3D - Peel Books

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I've yet to find a kid who didn't get a buzz from 3-D drawing, and Doug DuBosque's perspective drawing book is sure to be a hit with kids from 7 to 70. The simple, clear examples and fun projects will help kids acheive realism and fun 3-D effects in their drawing. Well worth the cover price. Some concepts and 'long words' mean younger kids or hesitant readers will need adult assistance - why not have fun drawing together!
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  • fun, readable, direct style
  • progresses in easy steps
  • no expensive materials required


  • could be a little longer. Write a companion volume, Doug!


  • Paperback,64 pages, published by Peel Productions ISBN: 0-939217-14-7
  • Begins with one-point perspective drawing of simple shapes and fun 3-D letters.
  • Basic perspective concepts are gradually introduced, with clear, simple illustrations.
  • Easy step-by-step, classic perspective exercises such as a road, railway and room interior.
  • Fun projects become gradually more complex, including buildings, vehicles and 3-point perspective.
  • Pencil illustrations have a friendly, achievable hand-drawn feel.
  • No complex jargon or geometry to understand - anyone can follow the steps.
  • Minimal equipment required - pencil, paper, a ruler and rubber, plus a t-square if available.

Guide Review - Draw 3D by Doug DuBosque - Step-by-Step Perspective

'Draw 3-D' covers a range of perspective drawing projects, from simple three-d letters and shapes, through to advanced perspective drawing compositions. These offer an achievable introduction for younger kids to the basic idea of perspective, while enthusiastic drawers can progress quickly through simple one and two-point landscape, interior, and building demonstrations to tackle vehicles and complex shapes. Throughout the book there are invitations to let your imagination take off, with spaceships and mutant spiders popping up in landscapes! This book does not set out to be a comprehensive guide to perspective, but rather is a good solid introduction to the subject, which is also heaps of fun.

'Draw 3-D' is probably one of the best and clearest introductions that I have seen, making a daunting subject seem fun and easy. Highly recommended.

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